Mr. Eric Johnston, political reporter for the Japan Times, provides insight into the Osaka Double-Election


With the historic Osaka double-election set to take place in late November 2015, Kansai Consular Corps members had the opportunity obtain the latest election news and analysis from Osaka politics expert Eric Johnston, reporter for the Japan Times. This was the first program in our newly inaugurated “KCC Lecture Series”.

The event took place at US Consul General Allen Greenberg’s residence on November 18th, 2015. Over 18 Consuls-General, Consuls, and Honorary Consuls attended, representing 15 countries.

This session was on-the-record. Mr. Johnston, speaking in a personal capacity, discussed possible election outcomes and shared his opinions about how they might impact the local business and political environment.

A lively discussion followed in which Consuls asked questions regarding the evolving local and national political landscape.

Mr. Johnston has kindly offered to make his presentation available to anyone who may be interested. Please click this link to download a copy: KansaiConsularCorps.11-18-2015




IMG_1284After the event, Consul-General Wols (Netherlands) presented a certificate of appreciation to departing KCC member Consul-General Shearer (UK).