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Job Announcement from the Osaka Foundation of International Exchange (OFIX)

We are sharing the following information on behalf of the Osaka Foundation of International Exchange, in case it may be helpful to you.

OFIX is currently recruiting for the position of “kokusai koryuin”.

The guidelines for application can be found at the following link:

Please do share this information with anyone you think might be interested.

Also, please note that the application window is very short – the deadline is August 31st.


Business Event in Kobe – Details Below

Greetings from the Kansai Consular Corps office in sunny and pleasant Kobe City!


KCC Members may recall that the Executive Secretariat shared information (via email) regarding the “International Industrial Fair 2015” organized by Hyogo Prefecture, Kobe City as well as other members of the International Industrial Fair Executive Committee.

For your convenience, I will post the event information again here, as the date is soon approaching.


Date(s):               September 3rd (Thursday) and September 4th (Friday) 2015

Time:                   10:00am-5:00pm

Place:                   Kobe International Exhibit Hall Buildings 1&2 (Port Island, Kobe)


This event may be useful to government institutions and organizations that support small and medium-sized business, as many of our members do.


The event is free to the public and over 2500 attendees are forecasted to attend.


Additional information can be found in English and Japanese at the following website:


Thank you.