Free Seminar (in 3 languages) for Foreign Workers, Co-Sponsored by Kobe City (KICC) – Theme: The Basics of Japanese Employment/Social/Health Insurance

Greetings everyone!

I am happy to announce the following free seminar, open to the public. It is for non-Japanese workers currently employed or seeking employment in Japan who wish to deepen their understanding of the (sometimes complicated) system of employment insurance/social security system. The seminar will be conducted in 3 languages – English, Chinese and Japanese – by a Labor and Social Security Consultant.

Date and Time: October 29th (Thursday) 18:00-19:00

Place: Kobe International Community Center Room (Sannomiya Chamber of Commerce and Industry Building)

Please note that this event is not sponsored by the Kansai Consular Corps. Rather, this event is sponsored by the Kobe City International Center for Cooperation and Communication (KICC) – a subsidiary of the International Department of Kobe City. (Coincidentally, the KCC Executive Secretariat also works at the KICC, so you can contact Angie if you have any questions!)

KICC is offering this seminar for the first time due to increasing questions/needs regarding the Japanese insurance system from non-Japanese Kobe residents and foreign exchange students. However, you need not be a resident of Kobe City to participate! KCC members are encouraged to share this information with any constituents they feel appropriate.

Additional details and registration information available here: 社労士ポスターVERSION 2(英語)

General questions (in English, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese or Portuguese) can be directed to KICC at:

Kansai Consular Corps Members and Associates can also direct questions to Angie at the KCC: