Announcement from Honorary Kansai Consular Corps Member Daniel Aviolat

Mr. Daniel Aviolat, former Consul General of Switzerland and Honorary member of the Kansai Consular Corps, cordially invites you to a jazz performance on June 20th (Saturday) 2015.

For your convenience, please refer to the attached, downloadable pdf flyer: PDF Jazz Jun 6, 2015, 1_45 PM
The details are as follows:
Event Title: Jazz Trio Roberto Olzer
Date: June 20, 2015 (Saturday)
Time: 17:30-19-30
Cost: 2500 yen per ticket (payment at the door)
Place: Kitano Koubou No Machi -Kitano Meister Garden F3 (Kobe City)
Reservations: Online at or call Mr. Aviolat at 090-3491-6292
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