May 7, 2015 Kansai Consular Corps Executive Team Board Meeting

On Thursday, May 7th 2015 the Kansai Consular Corps Executive team (consisting of the Dean, Vice Dean and Executive Secretariat) held a meeting. The purpose of the board meeting was to formulate a plan for the action items that resulted from our KCC Annual General Meeting in March.

Specific topics discussed by the Board included 1) the coordination of a KCC Accounting team (as proposed by Honorary Consul Sommerhalder), 2) the purchase of KCC office materials, 3)a proposal by the Secretariat for a joint KCC-Kansai Area School Project to mentor/coach high school and university students (information forthcoming), and 4) the KCC lecture series proposed by Consul General Greenberg.

We anticipate an exciting Summer and Autumn for KCC members. Thanks to your tremendous efforts, there are many interesting events in the pipeline.

In order to plan and implement our organization’s activities more smoothly, we kindly request your ongoing cooperation regarding scheduling and communication of events. To that end, the Secretariat will contact KCC members shortly for updates regarding any forthcoming national holidays (or other events) your consulates may be hosting.