Recent Welcomes and Farewells to the Kansai Consular Corps

With the coming of spring (and an unexpectedly early, but still beautiful, cherry blossom season in the Kansai region) the Kansai Consular Corps experienced a number of changes to its membership.

The Kansai Consular Corps wishes to extend a warm welcome to Mr. Oh Tai-kyu, newly arrived Consul-General of the Republic of Korea in Osaka. We hope you will enjoy your time in Kansai.

The Kansai Consular Corps also wishes to bid farewell, and express our heartfelt gratitude, to the following members:

1. Mr. Ha Ta-Yun, former Consul-General of the Republic of Korea in Osaka

2. Mr. Hideki Yokomizu, Honorary Consul of Kazakhstan (retired)

3. Mr. Akio Tsujii, Honorary Consul of Spain (retired)