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2015 Hyogo Prefecture・Kobe City International Summit


On February 19, 2015, Consuls-General from the Kansai region participated in the 2015 Hyogo-Kobe International Summit. The summit was co-organized by Hyogo Prefecture, the City of Kobe, and the Kobe Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
The theme proposed and addressed by the organizers during this year’s summit was: “Disaster Risk Reduction – the initiatives and roles of local governments and Consulates General in Kansai” and specific issues discussed included the following:

• Disaster awareness raising for foreign residents
• Establishment of a safety confirmation system for foreign residents
• Roles of Consulates General in Kansai in the case of a major disaster in Tokyo Metropolitan areas

Throughout the meeting the organizers and guests openly exchanged opinions and ideas. Suggestions were solicited from Consulates General in Kansai for national and local governments regarding plans to improve disaster risk reduction.

Participants in this event included Consuls General and Consuls in Kansai, the Ambassador for Kansai Region from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as Honorary Consuls-General and Honorary Consuls. Opening comments were provided by Mr. Toshizo Ido (Governor, Hyogo Prefecture), Mr. Kizo Hisamoto (Kobe City Mayor), and Mr. Shoichi Atarashi (Vice Chairman of the KCCI).

A greeting was also provided by the Chairman of the meeting, Mr. Wols (Consul-General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and Dean of the Kansai Consular Corps) who proceeded the summit.

Guests listened attentively to three presentations by the following speakers:

• A presentation by Hyogo Prefecture: Mr. Koji Matsubara, Director General, Disaster Management and Planning Bureau
• A presentation by the City of Kobe: Mr. Kenji Nagaoka, Director, Crisis Management Office

and presentations in Japanese by Consuls General:
• Mr. Wong Hong Sik, Consul of the Republic of Korea in Kobe
• Mr. Michael Stuart Shearer, Consul General of the UK in Osaka

The summit was followed by a reception, joined by the guests of honor, HE Mr. Akira Miwa, Ambassador for Kansai Region, MOFA and Mr. Takahiro Matsumoto, Vice-speaker of the Hyogo Prefectural Assembly.

Numerous members of the Kansai Consular Corps expressed their gratitude to organizers for their efforts to initiate a dialogue regarding this important topic, and look forward to more collaboration with local and national organizations in the future.

IMG_70402015 Hyogo International Summit 1 2015 International Summit 2

(Event Summary) FEC International Spring Summit, March 2 2015

主催者:関西LFEC (民間外交推進協会)

On March 2nd 2015 the FEC (International Friendship Exchange Council), an independent organization that promotes diplomacy between Japan and other nations, held its annual International Spring Summit at the Okura Hotel in Kobe city.

Guests included representatives from Office of The Mayor of Kobe City, the Office of Governor of Hyogo Prefecture, H.E. Ambassador Miwa from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, KCC members and the executive team, as well as representatives from private industry.

Over 90 guests gathered for this event.

Nine members of the Kansai Consular Corps were present to provide 2 minute presentations each. The goal of these presentations was to encourage understanding and stimulate discussion regarding issues of importance to the KCC representative countries and Japan. Speakers from the following Consulates (listed in alphabetical order) discussed a variety of topics regarding their home countries, including international trade, current government initiatives, and foods and products:

  • Honorary Consulate of Bhutan: Mr. Tsuji, Honorary Consul 在大阪ブータン王国名誉領事館: 名誉領事 辻 卓 史(鴻池運輸株式会社 会長)
  • Consulate General of Germany: Mr. Klaus Klusmeier, Attache
  • Consulate General of India: Mr. Aseem Mahajan, Consul-General
  • Consulate General of Pakistan: Mr. Shuichi Miyata, Representative of the Consulate General of Pakistan
  • Consulate General Panama: Mr. Aparicio, Consul-General Panama
  • Consulate General of Russia: Mr. Stepanov Yury, Senior Consul
  • Royal Thai Consulate-General: Ms. Acharapan Yavaprapas, Deputy-Consul General
  • Consulate General of Vietnam: Mr. Ngyuen Duc Minh, Consul-General
  • Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands: Mr. Roderick Wols, Consul-General

Before the KCC presentations began, Mr. Wols gave an opening presentation titled “Our Kansai Consular Corps – An Overview of the KCC”.

KCC Presentations were followed by a dinner reception and guests were encouraged to mingle and chat. The guests were also treated to a rare performance featuring two famous Japanese classical musicians.

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(Event Summary) February 13, 2015 Kansai Diplomats Seminar (Organized Jointly by Osaka City and Osaka Prefecture)

On February 13th, 2015 Consuls-General from the Kansai Region were invited to a meeting organized jointly by Osaka Prefecture and Osaka City Government. The meeting was well attended (approximately 19 Consulates were represented). Following an opening address by Governor Matsui, KCC members listened to three presentations focusing on the following themes: English Education, How to Develop Globally Competitive Human Resources, and Osaka Tourism Strategies.

After the presentations, attendees exchanged ideas and shared information from their own experiences with Osaka officials.

The meeting was followed by a dinner reception.

IMG_7014 IMG_7023Top Photo: Governor Matsui (Osaka Prefecture) gives opening remarks prior to the reception.

Bottom Photo: Mr. Roderick Wols, Consul General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and Dean of the Kansai Consular Corps, gives a “kanpai” toast.

(Event Summary) 2015 Kansai Area Fujinokuni Reception Sponsored by the Shizuoka Prefectural Government, Osaka Branch Office


On February 20, 2015, Kansai Consular Corps members and representatives were warmly received at a Networking Exchange hosted by the Shizuoka Prefectural Government (Osaka Branch). The event was held in the Umeda Sky Building. KCC  members and representatives listened to speeches from Governor Dr. Heita Kawakatsu and the Advisor for Disaster management , Mr. Eiji Kimizuka. The discussions were followed by a reception and “kouryukai”. Guests were also treated to a delicious buffet featuring regional products and delicacies of Shizuoka Prefecture, and there were booths introducing various projects of the Shizuoka Prefectural Government.

The evening progressed with friendly conversation between KCC Members (representing more that 10 different countries) and Shizuoka officials, and each guest was able to deepen his or her knowledge and understanding about Shizuoka Prefecture.

The following article (日本語) highlights the event: 関西ふじのくに交流会記事

For those interested in learning more about Shizuoka, the official guide in English can be found at: http://

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