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(KCC Cultural Activities) “Salon Concert” by the Telemann Institute Japan

I would like to share an article from the December 28, 2014 edition of the Kobe Shimbun regarding a recent KCC cultural event.

Last month, the Telemann Institute of Japan performed a “Salon Concert” for Kansai Consular Corps members and friends. The event was hosted by Mr. Roderick Wols, Consul-General of the Netherlands and Dean of the Kansai Consular Corps, at his official residence in Ashiya (Hyogo-ken).

A keynote speech was made by Mr. Junya Nakano, Representative of the Telemann Institute and author/historian of Osaka culture. Both the Telemann Institute of Japan and the Kansai Consular Corps recognize that, by sharing music together, we can foster meaningful intercultural exchange and strengthen ties between Kansai and the larger community.

During his speech, Mr. Nakano explained that, through their performances, the Telemann Institute endeavors to promote awareness of the arts in Kansai.

You can download the original article from the Kobe Newspaper (神戸新聞) here: 20141228神戸新聞(大阪文化)

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