History and Mission

“Bringing Kansai to the World, and the World to Kansai” (KCC Motto)




モットーは「Bringing Kansai to the world, and the world to Kansai(関西を世界へ、世界を関西へ)」となっています。

The Kansai Consular Corps (KCC) traces its roots to January 1868 with the official opening of Kobe to foreign missions.

Members of the Corps are Consuls-General (career diplomats appointed by heads of state or foreign ministries of their home country) or Honorary Consuls (business professionals, academics, etc. who, due to their strong link with the representative country, have been granted special Honorary Consul status to provide representation for those countries that do not have formal Consulates in Kansai).

Together, our KCC members represent 52 countries.

The KCC constitutes an important link between the consular representatives and the national, prefectural and city governments in this region. Issues of concern to the Corps as a whole or to individual countries are taken up with Japanese officials as well as the private sector on behalf of its members.

The Corps and its members also inform their respective countries about the Kansai region and support its promotional activities.

The goal of the Kansai Consular Corps is to encourage collaboration and a sense of goodwill among its members and constituents, local and national Japanese organizations, the business community, the Kansai community at large, and other stakeholders.

Through various meetings with the Corps, prefectural and municipal authorities, leading economic organizations and chambers of commerce, as well as through contact with the media and community organizations, the KCC endeavors to advance an international role for the Kansai region.

This is reflected in our slogan: “Bringing Kansai to the World and the World to Kansai.”

About the Kansai Consular Corps Logo

Support for the Kansai Consular Corps

The Kansai Consular Corps would like to extend a special thank you to the city of Kobe for its generosity in providing office space for our organization.

The KCC would also like to thank the staff of the Kobe International Communication Center, who reside in our neighboring office and kindly offer us various office-related support.