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Invitation (July 17th, 2015) Community-Based Disaster Management Workshop In English For Kobe Residents (Ages Junior High School to Adult) and Consulate Representatives

Residents of Kobe City, as well as employees/interns of Foreign Consulates interested in Kobe City’s Community-based Disaster Activities for non-Japanese residents, are invited to attend a workshop on July 17th, 2015 from 13:30-16:00 titled “Lessons of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake As Seen From the Perspective of Foreign Residents”. This workshop is a joint collaboration between the Kobe International Center for Cooperation and Communication (KIC), Japan International Cooperation Center (JICA), and the Kobe City Fire Department.

This workshop is also part of a month-long Knowledge-Sharing Program in which over 24 Disaster Management professionals from approximately 17 countries are participating in Kobe city. You will therefore have a chance to learn side-by-side with these JICA participants, share information, and gain a global perspective on how communities around the world are working to reduce vulnerability and cope with disasters.

July 6 2015 JICA Training With Guest Lecturer From Indonesia2015 Community Disaster Awareness Program Participants Pose at JICA Kansai With Guest Lecturer from Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia

This workshop is appropriate for Junior High School-aged children (age 14 years) to adult and will focus on practical information Kobe residents need to know to be prepared in case of a disaster.

Registration Form in Japanese: 0717jica

Registration Form in English: 0717jica_eng

If you require additional information, please contact Mr. Hideki Nakashima (Manager, Project and Training Division) at or Ms. Angela Troianos (Chief Coordinator, General Affairs Division) at at the KIC.